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About us

Etica is more than a collection of elegant pieces – it’s all the elements for a beautiful life. Or, more specifically, the elements that have helped Juan Maiz Casas create his version of a beautiful life.

You may recognise Juan’s name from his other role as owner of Tasmania’s iconic Piermont, the impeccably designed resort was created with an ethos of sustainability at its heart, the retreat an inherent part of the breathtaking environment it’s privileged to be a part of. In a 2019 Kinfolk article Juan was quoted as saying “it would be pretty much impossible for me to go and work for someone else’s company. I can’t stop thinking about what’s next.” And, what was next was Etica.

Although it may be a natural extension of his eye for detail and design, with Etica Juan weaves in his life story, his history and his love for the country where he was born: Argentina. Etica was a chance to forever tie his two worlds together, with a curated collection of quintessential Argentinian pieces for the home that would forever live on in Australian homes. With a strong influence from the Patagonia region and inspired by time spent in Europe, each of his chosen pieces are handmade to the highest standards using archetypal Argentinian textiles and materials, and each is rich in history – both personal and geographical.

From the original Etica leather bags with characteristic Argentinian texture that Juan has been collecting versions of throughout his life, to the Asado (BBQ) sets which honour gatherings with family and friends, and the epitome of Argentine design, the BKF Butterfly chair, each of the pieces is considered in both design and in intention, to elevate the home, to make life more easeful and to grow more beautiful as it ages.

With Etica, Juan creates elements for a beautiful life. And we invite you to craft that life for yourself too.


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